J roll, what’s his name?

21 11 2007


this announcement brought tears to my eyes, and a smile to my face.


aww bye bye bourne

8 11 2007

i forgot to say that we traded away michael bourne. i like that dude. he was so flyy.

makin progress…

8 11 2007

the phillies traded for brad lidge.

this move would move big brett myers back to the rotation, which i  am kind of upset about. i liked big brett as our closer, i remember when he was  a rookie and i just got attached to him being our closer. but i have to get over it, brett was a good starter and i hope he will be again next season


31 10 2007


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happy halloween

Free agent Bacon

30 10 2007

aaron rowand is a free agent.

it kind of makes me want to cry. Let’s hope he gets making more than chase utley out of his head and we can sign him.

oh chase, always knowing what to say

8 10 2007

from here

“Whether we were trying too hard or not, I guess that’s a question to think about in the offseason,” All-Star Chase Utley said. “I’m extremely proud of this team. This team had the most heart and desire to win than any team I’ve ever been on. It’s extremely disappointing. I wish we could have played a little better, but we got a taste of the postseason so I imagine a lot of us will take this in the offseason and think about it a little bit.”

aww chutley.

It’s about them now

7 10 2007

this article is amazing. kind of brings a tear to my eye.

I miss baseball already.